Flanigan's Texas Distillery & Winery

Grandma Rating: 5 out of 5 Werther's

The Grandmas are working their way through the Texas Hill Country Winery Map and are having the time of our lives.  Recently, we went "off map" and discovered a delightful gem, Flanigan's in Bertram, TX.

Flanigan's was built in 1904 and still has intact its beautifully crafted grand staircase.


The rest of the building contains movie set modifications from the movie, “The Newton Boys”, which starred Matthew McConaughey. 

The true charm of Flanigan's is Ted, who lead the guided wine tasting.  

Through most of the wine tastings we have tried so far we have gotten the run of the mill run down of the various wines and then left on our own.  Ted led us through an informative and delightful wine tasting experience.  We learned the history behind each wine as well as the shape of the glass can alter the taste of the wine, (https://www.riedel.com/en-us/shop) which is something we has not learned in our previous wine tasting adventures. Ted also told us about the history of the wine, the story behind each wines name, history of the building, the movie that was shot there, and so much more.  

We also were delighted to met the owners of Flanigan's, Drs. Kevin and Dana Flanigan, and had the pleasure of spending a few moments with them talking about their business and our mutually favorite vacation spot, Alaska.

Unlike other wine tasting venues, Flanigan's also offers a guided Spirit tasting which one "regular" sitting at the bar near us warned, "It will put you on the floor".  Flanigan's also serves custom cocktails and tasty, made in house appetizers and sandwiches.  Be sure to treat yourself to a wine tasting paired with a special Sunday Dinner. 

Flanigan's is a must visit for wine or spirit lovers. While you are there make sure to ask Dana about the significance of the hummingbird in their logo and found throughout the building.  don't forget to go upstairs to checkout the Hollywood set modifications and to checkout the cozy lounging nooks.

We simply have not experienced a better wine tasting venue than Flanigan's.


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