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Fuego Latina Gastropub Review

Fuego Latino Gastropub Review

Grandma Rating: 5 out of 5 Werther's Obligatory f*cking boring and completely unnecessary backstory: Recently we stumbled upon Fuego Latino Gastropub located in downtown Round Rock, Texas.  Having lived in Texas for nearly a year, we had not yet encountered any Mexican food that wasn't your average chips, salsa, and page after page of menu choices full of bland Americanized food. Fuego Latino Gastropub is anything but average and our Granny taste buds celebrated with every bite of this fresh, made from scratch, delight.  Any real foodie knows that a large menu spells trouble right from the beginning so we were pleased when we saw that Fuego Latino Gastropub's  lunch menu consisted of one page with only twelve menu options. Aracely Alcocer, co-owner of Fuego Latino Gastropub with her husband Chef Mario Alcocer , was a delight.  Aracely was throughly knowledgable of the menu informing us of the various cultural flavors found in the various dishes from Central and Sout

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