Brunch: Hard Count Kitchen & Cocktails


Hard Count Kitchen & Cocktails
1500 Rivery Blvd. #2105
Georgetown, TX 

Short backstory (*sigh*):

I was hesitant to try out the Hard Count Kitchen & Cocktails Restaurant for brunch for two reasons. First, they tout their aesthetic as a "sports bar".  I associate sports bars with bad, greasy food.  Second, the restaurant was completely empty. Not a good sign. 

I'm pleased to say that the food was beyond expectation and has been given the Grandma Approval Rating of 5 out of 5 Werther's. 

What We Ate:

Eggs Benedict

toasted bagels with sliced ham, tomato, soft poached egg, lemon hollandaise, then finished with a paprika dusting and cilantro spring

*Chicken in Waffles

sweet battered chicken tenders over a waffle, pear and walnut stuffing, topped with strawberries, a honey drizzle and powdered sugar

*Notice that it says Chicken IN Waffles, not Chicken AND Waffles.  Hard Count uses the waffle batter to batter the chicken tenders! YUM! 


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