Home Chef Meal Deliver Service Review

Grandma Rating: 4 out of 5 Werther's

Home Chef is great. Saves the grandmas from needing to plan meals and buy ingredients. We've got credits available that will get you 3 free boxes. Hit us up if you want one.

Whether you are ready for it or not traditional grocery shopping is changing rapidly. One driving force behind this change is the ease and convenience of meal delivery plans. Current meal delivery plans offer a variety of options. Low carb, gluten free, Whole 30, vegetarian, vegan, organic, etc.  

After researching the different meal delivery plans we choose to go with Home Chef as we liked their  variety of recipes more than the other plans. I always advise friends to look at the recipes and decide on a plan that best fits their personal palate. 

For us it was so stressful trying to come up with new recipes, buy all the ingredients, haul it all home and then make it. Often I would simply buy a rotisserie chicken and a bag salad and live off of that for a few days.  The other grandma didn't like this idea and would buy groceries with no clear recipe in mind.  Then, exhausted after a long day at work, we would stare in the fridge glassy eyed and decide to go out to eat instead of trying to think of what to cook with the ingredients we had at home. Needless to say lots of food got thrown away.

Home Chef has made cooking fun.  Even after a long hard day at work we both look forward to cooking our Home Chef meals together at night. We enjoy our time cooking together now as we experience new flavors and have time to talk about our day. In a way, cooking our Home Chef meals is actually relaxing. Most important is that everything is FRESH, FRESH, FRESH! No processed foods.

Home Chef lets you choose how many meals you want delivered each week, whether you want a meal that feeds two or four people, what day of the week you want your meals delivered, gives you ten different meal choices each week, lets you customize your meals, and more. It is fun and exciting to pick out our meals each week. Home Chef also makes it super easy to skip meal deliveries which is great since we are often out of town for work or visiting friends and family.  The best thing about Home Chef is that we actually save money and there is NO food waste!

Let's unpack and cook a Home Chef delivery together.

Home Chef is conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. 

At first we worried about when it would be delivered and how long it would be sitting out in the blistering Texas heat, but no need to worry, each box is packed with plenty of ice packs that keep everything nice and cool.

When you first open your Home Chef box you will see the recipe cards for the meals you ordered for that week.

When you flip open the protective padding you will see a layer of ice packs and under those are bags of produce separated into bags respective to the recipe they match.

Under the produce bags you will find more ice bags and then the meats that go with each meal (if ordered). 

Now it's time to get cooking!  

Tex-Mex Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Oven Fries

One thing we absolutely love about Home Chef is the way the recipe direction cards are set up. Each direction is planned carefully so that all parts of the meal are finished cooking at the same time, a talent we have never been able to master! The recipe cards also give you tips from the chefs who created the recipes. We had no idea that pasta water was liquid gold until we read the tip from a Home Chef chef! 

To make sure my meal turns out right we follow all of the directions exactly the way they are.  If you have pasta or potatoes in your recipe these are usually started first as they take the longest to cook. 

While the pasta or potatoes cook Home Chef will direct you to cut up the vegetables and herbs. As you see in the image below, Home Chef lets you know how to cut your produce. For example, this onion is used twice in this recipe and needs to be diced for one use and in thin slices for the other use.

Next is cooking any veggies and then the meat. For this recipe caramelizing the onion slices came first.

Once the onions have caramelized, the meat (rinsed and seasoned) is added.

While the caramelizing is going on you will flip the fries that are in the oven, toast the buns, and make the Pico de Gallo. 

Once the meat has finished cooking this recipe calls for it to be sprinkle with cheese. 

Then it is time to plate your meal and enjoy! YUM!

On occasion we have had an ingredient missing or our meal kit is delivered late.  Home Chef has excellent customer service and they are quick to credit your account for any errors in your delivery.

Do we love every meal. No, but all of the meals are good, we just prefer some meals more than others. There has never been a meal where we were like, "Ewwww! We can't eat this crap"! LOL!

We also feel more empowered in the kitchen after cooking with Home Chef. We aren't afraid to try new recipes on our own. We even go back through to our favorite recipes and cook all or some of the meals on our own without the meal kit!

We have enjoyed our Home Chef meals for a long time now. In fact, we had to get a larger binder to hold all of our recipe cards!


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